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Paid Advertising for Modern Businesses

Paid advertising is an excellent addition to your digital marketing endeavours. PPC ads are the most efficient way to get immediate leads. When optimised correctly, paid advertising campaigns can act as a catalyst to boost your SEO efforts and significantly increase traffic to your website.

Since getting rankings through organic SEO takes time, you can augment your marketing strategy by participating in paid advertising platforms such as Google ads, Microsoft ads etc. thereby growing your business and maximizing your revenue.

It is quite essential to properly develop, display and modify paid advertising campaigns to make the most of your money. Studies show that:


Search ads can boost brand awareness by as much as 80%


On average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page

Top 3

PPC ads are one of the top three generators of conversions


Paid search visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors

Benefits of Paid Ads for Your Business

Paid ads are a fantastic way to advertise your brand and attract extremely targeted traffic. Platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo and various other social media networks all offer paid advertising programs that can help businesses capture highly valuable search engine traffic without having to rank organically in search results.

Top benefits of using paid advertising include:

Low Entry Barrier

The best thing about paid ad campaigns is that you do not have to worry about organic search rankings or your social media following in order to begin generating revenue. As long as you have the right budget, you can start discovering customers and clients through paid advertising.

Boosting Other Marketing Initiatives

Paid advertisements can be used for boosting specific blog posts, landing pages, social media profiles, etc. helping drive traffic, increasing leads and ROI, thus, providing support to your other marketing strategies.

Focused Targeting

Capable of targeting extremely precise demographics, paid advertising is able to leverage platforms like Google to display ads according to the search history, age and gender of users.

Quick Results

Paid advertising is known to deliver quick results. With our team of experts, you can set up a campaign in no time and start witnessing returns and generating quality leads almost immediately.


Most paid advertising campaigns can be integrated with Google Analytics, Double Click and other tools which let you refine your efforts on the basis of the data generated. Effective optimization of your campaigns is crucial for generating desired results.


Paid advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. Since you only pay when a user clicks your ad this means that with paid advertising you spend money only when there is a high probability of lead generation.

Our Paid Advertising Services

The digital landscape is growing at a rapid pace, with websites proliferating at a breakneck speed. Everyone on the internet, be it small companies and start-ups to e-commerce businesses and corporations, are figuring out advertising avenues to maximise all possible conversion paths.

If you are looking at an immediate campaign boost and fast ROI, paid advertising is a profitable choice. EvoBlocs can help you maintain full control of your marketing efforts and acquire positive business outcomes with targeted paid advertising.

Our Paid Promotion
Services Include

Search Ads

Search ads are one of the most common forms of paid advertising, they appear on the front page of the SERP in the top 4 positions and the bottom 3 positions. Depending on the budget and quality score of the ad, it may also appear on the 2nd page and so on. If you are looking to acquire strong, high-quality leads from new customers, search ads are the most effective and popular way.

Display Ads

Everyone knows that visual content tends to catch attention quickly, this is why display ads are known for their effectiveness in reaching more than 90% of online users. They appear on Google's partner websites and target people who have visited industry-related sites. Capturing the attention of online users and convincing them to take action, display ads are useful for companies who have lengthier sales cycles and niche or luxury target audiences.

Social Media Ads

One of the fastest-growing segments of paid advertising, social media ads, as the name suggests, appear on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Designed to reach the prospective audience based on their hobbies, interest, network, etc. social media ads are suitable for brands that already have an active social media presence and highly targeted consumer base.

Remarketing Ads

One of the best ways to target high converting customers and double your turnover in the process, remarketing is an extremely effective paid advertising tool. How does it work? By reminding people who have already visited your website to revisit it and by giving incentives for conversion. Remarketing is a relatively cheaper option, owing to the increase in ROI as compared to other marketing campaigns, due to highly targeted customer segments.

Google Shopping Ads

Suitable for websites that have a large volume of products, Google shopping ads are generally displayed in a carousel above or beside Google search results. Displaying products and their prices on search pages, these ads are visible to prospects even before they can click on any other website. Google shopping ads are quite beneficial, since every click that you pay for, has a higher chance of converting. They are useful for e-commerce businesses that seek to reach out to customers who have a clear buying intent.

YouTube Ads

Everyone talks about how the future of content is video, for this reason one of the best platforms today for in-stream ads is YouTube. Since they are displayed in a video format, YouTube ads can present your brand in a memorable way to communicate your brand's message. This is why YouTube paid advertising has become extremely popular today.

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FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising refers to advertisements that businesses pay for, to have users visit their website or show them brand messages displayed on web apps or any other digital device. Paid advertising requires advertisers to pay for media placements from different publishers on their platforms. Advertisers pay for either text-based ads, display ads or video ads to spread their message to their target audience and bring them to their websites or storefronts.

What is the Difference Between Paid Advertising Campaigns & SEO?

Paid advertising is quite different from SEO. When it comes to SEO, the search engines use algorithms which determine the relevance of websites being searched for by users. With SEO you cannot pay higher to get your sites ranked higher, what you can pay for is for optimization that will help in increasing the relevance of your website and thus cause it to appear higher in searches. With paid advertising, on the other hand, you can choose your own criteria regarding when you want your ads to show (things like schedule, bid, keywords etc.) and you can also raise your bids to improve your ad's position and help them reach a wider audience.

What Determines When and Where My Ad Shows Up?

Various factors are considered to determine when an ad shows up. These factors include criteria such as the quality score of each keyword, the relevance of the keywords, ad copy, specific bid for each keyword and also the landing pages for the search items. Optimizing all these factors will help you receive a great ROI with high traffic and conversions.

Is Running a Paid Advertisement Campaign Expensive?

A lot! Your feedback and inputs are crucial to our design process and content creation. We begin with thoroughly analysing your needs, likes and wants so that we can offer you a product that has the perfect look and functionality as per your requirements.

What is Click-Through Rate?

CTR or Click Through Rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks that an ad, keyword, ad group or campaign receives by the number of impressions generated. Click-through rate is an important factor for any paid advertising campaign, as it directly impacts the quality score throughout the campaign.

Do I Need a Landing Page?

Landing pages that have been designed properly have a profound impact on the ROI of your business. A landing page helps in directing your visitors - enabling them in picking up where the ad left off by guiding them to perform the objective of the ad, whether it is to make a purchase, fill out a form or make a phone call.

Generally, landing pages are very helpful for a paid advertising campaign, however, there are times when campaigns have experienced success without them as well. Our managers will assist you in determining whether you need a landing page for your campaign or not.